Barrage fireworks are pre-packed, ready Cakes that contain a mixture of firework types to create their own unique effect. It's not surprising that these are some of the most popular firework products in Canada, as they allow people to purchase a brilliant display in one small package. As with Cakes, Barrages may contain a mix of fireworks, including Mines and Roman Candles. In a nutshell, people wishing to run their own display can purchase several Barrages and simply ignite one at a time for a pre-prepared fireworks extravaganza.


Cakes consist of a group of fireworks that can be set off in succession, allowing for a totally customized mini display in one small package. They generally consist of Rockets, Roman Candles or a mix of both. Cakes utilize an internal fuse system that allows the fireworks to ignite automatically, either all at once or in a pre-determined order. Many Cakes will simply last for several seconds, whilst some packages may fire for minutes at a time, with some containing in excess of a thousand tubes. Many professional displays will employ so-called finale cakes, which contain batches of shells and can often weigh over one hundred pounds prior to being fired.


Fountains are a great option for those who want to experience the beautiful visual element of a firework but without the loud and often surprising sound effects, such as bangs and whistles. Fountains release a shower of sparks. The size of the Fountain container will dictate the size of the shower and how long it will last - some Fountains can last for several minutes in total.


The Rocket is most commonly known type of firework. When launched into the air the Rocket can climb to an enormous height. Depending on the type of Rocket used, some can reach 30 - 60 metres before exploding with a loud bang.



Roman Candles are typically made up of a cardboard outer casing and filled with individual balls which shoot out stars periodically after ignition. As with Rockets, Roman Candles can be used both individually and as part of a Cake. Roman Candles can expel stars in just a single colour or a variety of colours. A number of noise effects are available for these fireworks, including hummers and crackles.



Sparklers consist of a small, handheld metal stick which, when lit, emits a constant stream of sparks. Modern varieties may be constructed from wood with a paper tube attached and, when lit, emit sparkles that change colour thanks to using different ingredients.



A "Firework" is:

A device that functions by combustion to create visible and audible effects for the purpose of entertainment in the sky with lights and sounds.


A "Firecracker" is:

A device designed to spin and crackle on the ground. A firecracker is a small rolled paper tube containing flash powder, When the fuse is lit, the flame travels to the inside of the firecracker and ignites the powder, causing it to explode.